The December retargeting campaign of IKEA had a very clear purpose: reach the customers looking for last minute gifts just before Christmas. Due to IKEA’s wide range of products, all the eleventh hour shoppers had the chance to buy gifts on time.

In order to attract people interested in Christmas shopping, we used Grocery Magnet and targeted Internet users looking for the traditional Christmas recipes.

The campaign was based on 16 banner variations. Each one, aside from the “Don’t have an idea for a present? Plan your Christmas gifts with IKEA” copy, had an eye-catching call to action button with a clear message “Plan.”

The unique matching of the CPG data from with the gift offer wasn’t the only innovation used in this campaign. We adopted a sales pattern that was based only on the viewable impressions – there were nearly 8 million banner impressions, of which almost 4.5 million were viewable. The CPMV model favors customers, as the only ads taken into consideration are the ones actually being viewed by the users.


The ongoing optimization of the campaign allowed the individual creative concepts to get excellent results, with the viewable CTR of 0.84% (and the total CTR of 0.47%). The viewable CTR of the entire campaign was 0.4% (total CTR was 0.22%). The chart above shows how the CTR increased as Christmas approached: starting at 0.18% a week before Christmas and peaking at 1.09% on Christmas Eve.

Campaign summary:

  • Client: IKEA
  • Technology: Grocery Magnet
  • Target group: People looking for Christmas recipes
  • Number of impressions:
    • total impressions: 8 mln
    • viewable impressions: 4,5 mln
  • Banner variations: 16
  • Results:
    • viewable CTR: 0,4%
    • viewable CTR of the most clickable banner ad / the most effective banner ad: 0,84%
    • the best CTR set on Christmas Eve: 1,09%


One of the biggest challenges of the IKEA campaign was timing. Everything took place during the peak of the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy. That is exactly when the intensity of advertising campaigns is at its maximum and one needs to use extremely effective marketing tools in order to reach customers. Grocery Magnet operates in a unique way that allows to combine the interests of potential customers with those of the advertiser. It’s this combination that allowed us to deliver great results.