In March 2016, CocaCola started a campaign with their new slogan ‘Taste the feeling’

The integrated campaign will last the whole 2016 and was prepared by several ad agencies like Mercado McCann, Santo, Sra. Rushmore, Ogilvy&Mather, and others.

CocaCola used a variety of online display ad solutions to promote their new campaign. In Poland, CocaCola has partnered with our company and used our display ad product designed for CPG manufacturers called – Grocery Magnet.

With Grocery Magnet, CocaCola is promoting their beverage as an ideal addition to your warm home-cooked meal. Our solution helps advertise their product among household grocery buyers and meal planners using chosen target groups obtained from hundreds of culinary websites and blogs.

The campaign uses the most popular HTML5 banner ad formats  and ran in March and April 2016.

 Mobile Ads:
 Web Ads: