152M Grocery shoppers

We analyze culinary websites and buy banner impressions aimed at consumers in the market for your product:

  • BBQ products – reach people planning cookouts,
  • Baking supplies – go for the baking audience.
  • Specialty foods – talk to the foodies.

For example: 30% of the culinary audience is into cakes, and they couldn’t care less about your BBQ ad. Know this and eliminate media waste.

Retail ads? Is your target client closer to a housewife or a foodie? That’s important!

We operate in: US: 86M monthly uniques, DE: 19M, UK: 17M, FR: 16M, PL: 9M, AU 5M.

How Grocery Magnet Works

Grocery Magnet™ reaches primary household grocery buyers. We display banners to millions of people who shop for groceries, prepare meals and make purchasing decisions for the whole family.

We have the privilege of working with:


We know how to efficiently reach household grocery buyers and deliver high quality conversions.