1. What is the difference between Listonic and Grocery Magnet?

Listonic is a mobile app that consumers download to their smartphone in order to write down things to buy while shopping in mostly offline stores. User base is limited only to active users in Listonic.

Grocery Magnet is an ad product for agencies and food producers/retail chains. It is not a consumer facing brand and we rely on users we can reach through programmatic buying.

2. What is the difference between Listonic and DBM/Adwords?

DBM/Adwrods is using Google inventory and contextual targeting. We are using more than 100 inventories and we use custom audiences created and maintained for food/retail and shopper brands.

3. Can we also use Listonic when running Grocery Magnet campaigns?

Yes, if Listonic has users in your country then we can add it in bundle to Grocery Magnet campaigns. Poland is top country for Listonic. France for example has around 30k MAU and Spain has around 40k MAU.

4. Do you sell only data?

We are a full service solution, we manage everything end to end. We deliver weekly/daily reports with the progress of our campaigns and you can track campaigns with your codes as well.

We collect and keep data in our own specialized/vertical DMP which was started in 2010, as DMP for grocery shopping list app Listonic. We want to keep the freshness of data and we want to take full responsibility of the KPI’s (UU reach, impressions, clicks, CTR’s) therefore we don’t sell our data independently.

5. Can you run ads only on specific websites?

Yes, we can use whitelists, blacklists. We can prepare them on demand for given country or we can us the ones you already have.

6. How do you approach brand safety?

For all our campaigns we turn on brand safety features provided by one of the most recognized tools like ADmantX (http://www.admantx.com/) and Grapeshot (https://www.grapeshot.com/). They work on URL level so this allows us to exclude any url’s with unwanted content like: accidents alcohol and tobacco crimes fake news and extreme speech Illegal download illegal drugs Illegal Streaming parental protection terrorism weaponry and military etc

Brand safety fees are included in prices we present to you.

7. Are you connected with websites directly?

We don’t have to connect with websites. When we gather data we scan websites in similar fashion as Google does. When we buy impressions we use programmatic buying inventories.

8. Are you GDPR Compliant?

Yes, we don’t collect personal data, and cookies data which we use is pseudonymised so that any personal identification is impossible.

Whenever we use outside tools/technology we make sure those tools are also GDPR compliant.

9. Do you have minimal budgets?

No, right now we don’t force any minimal budgets.

10. Do you have set up fees / ongoing fees?

No, right now we don’t have any setup/ongoing fees – we work on per campaigns basis and campaigns are booked via insertion/media orders.

11. Can we track campaigns with our codes?

Yes, in the past our campaigns were tracked with codes like: DoubleClick, Adform, Sizmek, Moat, IAS, Gemius.

12. Can you help with creatives?

Yes, our team of designers can help prepare creatives based on your materials.

13. Can you run campaigns for non food and retail brands?

Yes, most of our target groups are culinary target groups and for them we can offer the most precise targeting. Nevertheless over the years our product proved to be useful for all sorts of brands. Our users are the ones responsible for grocery shopping at their homes so we created also other target groups like family shopper, household decision maker etc. And such target groups are suitable for everybody because if you are buying food products for your home you are also buying cosmetics, detergents etc

Our flagship and most used target group are: Family shopper, hypermarkets, supermarkets and traditional shops. (http://grocerymagnet.com/2017-summary/)

14. In which countries your product works?

Grocery magnet is working in most countries with developed internet user base and culinary websites. This include most countries in Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania.

15. Can you run non skippable video campaigns?

Yes, we can run skippable videos.