Drive traffic and awareness to Tesco’s recipe page

Objective: attract high quality traffic to Tesco’s culinary website. The quality of the traffic was measured by the bounce rate and time spent on the website. The Campaign behaviorally and contextually targeted people interested in preparing specific dishes. We used dozens of creations, broad inventory, and analyzed traffic generated by 10 mln people. Ad exchanges included: Google […]

Gift inspirations from Ikea just before Christmas

The December retargeting campaign of IKEA had a very clear purpose: reach the customers looking for last minute gifts just before Christmas. Due to IKEA’s wide range of products, all the eleventh hour shoppers had the chance to buy gifts on time. In order to attract people interested in Christmas shopping, we used Grocery Magnet and targeted Internet users looking […]

#TasteTheFeeling and drink Coke with family meals

In March 2016, CocaCola started a campaign with their new slogan ‘Taste the feeling’ The integrated campaign will last the whole 2016 and was prepared by several ad agencies like Mercado McCann, Santo, Sra. Rushmore, Ogilvy&Mather, and others. CocaCola used a variety of online display ad solutions to promote their new campaign. In Poland, CocaCola has […]

How to promote upmarket Tefal Cuisine Companion

Tefal Cuisine Companion created two video clips, which were to be shown as pre-rolls, mostly before cooking-related content. There would be nothing unusual about that if it wasn’t for the fact that the ad was to only reach people who cook frequently and who are interested in premium foodstuffs. The campaign was carried out using […]