Objective: attract high quality traffic to Tesco’s culinary website. The quality of the traffic was measured by the bounce rate and time spent on the website.

The Campaign behaviorally and contextually targeted people interested in preparing specific dishes. We used dozens of creations, broad inventory, and analyzed traffic generated by 10 mln people. Ad exchanges included: Google Doubleclick, Facebook, YouTube, Pubmatic, Rubicon, Admeta, and OpenX.

The target of this campaign were people planning to:a

  • cook holiday dishes,
  • bake pastries
  • make drinks at home (alcoholic and nonalcoholic)
Tesco reaching pastry cooking audience
Tesco reaching the pastry cooking audience.

How we did this.

We tested the effectiveness of all the creations and continuously assessed the response on the websites that ran them. Combining this with the client’s intended audience got us record high campaign results.

Effect: Grocery Magnet™ beeing No. 1 source of paid traffic in terms of quality.

Holiday recipes:

  • Bounce Rate: 21%,
  • Average time spent on site: 5 min, 27 sec.,
  • Average banner CTR : 0,11%.

Pastry recipes:

  • Bounce Rate: 16%,
  • Average time spent on site: 2 min, 21 sec.,
  • Average banner CTR : 0,13%.

Drink recipes:

  • Bounce Rate: 29%,
  • Average time spent on site: 2 min, 6 sec.,
  • Average banner CTR: 0,8%.

Please note, that Tesco’s website had an infinite scroll and exceptionally appealing content at the time of the campaign. This could have impacted our results.